Will Ferrell

Skyhook Supply Director


Gender: Male
Age: 38
Homeworld: Sira
Political Affiliation: Unknown
Occupation: Skyhook Supply Director
Location: Nessine Skyhook


Works as the Supply Director on Skyhook managing the raw fuel supply and construction material orders for the Skyhook Expansion Project begun by the UNE during the UNE War.

When the UNE began operations in the Cilla Sector they used Nessine as the home base of the UNE’s newly formed Cilla Fleet. They immediately began to expand the material capabilities of Nessine with the Skyhook Expansion Project to add a space elevator and shipyard facilities. Will Ferrell was hired in as an experienced supply director and project manager to handle the expansion.

Despite the delays due to the war effort, Will Ferrell continued on as the director after the war with the support of the Nessine Colonial Assembly.

Will Ferrell

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