Rising Suns

REUTERS: Kart Warship redeployed

2297.06.11 USC


A Kart warship that had been patrolling in the Argusa system has reportedly folded out and analysts suggest it’s vector indicates their destination was towards Nessine. There are currently no reports of the warship in the Nessine system at this point.

This follows yesterday’s statement from the Kart Embassy on Nessine condemning the seizure of the Skyhook from the UNE and criticising them for using the Colonial Security Forces to ‘prop up’ their regime. The Kart Embassy said the trade routes of the Cillia Sector were important to the entire region and they would do everything they could in order to maintain safety and security.

The Nessine Colonial Council declined to comment on this development.


TopherRedden TopherRedden

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