Rising Suns

REUTERS: Nessine Council seizes Skyhook

2297.06.08 USC


The Nessine Colonial Council has issued a statement today indicating that they authorised and carried out the seizure of the Skyhook using the system police forces. Police marines boarded the Skyhook earlier today and shut down the UNE ran administration. No word has yet been given on the status or whereabouts of the previous UNE Administrator. At present the station remains under martial law.

The statement comes amid continued demands for the resignation of the Colonial Council and immediate elections. Many critics of the Council question their legitimacy as an institution established and appointed by the UNE, who appear to have abandoned the region in recent years militarily and economically.

Without a UNE representative on Nessine; it us unknown at this time how the UNE will react to the seizure of the station and it will be many weeks before anyone will find out.


TopherRedden TopherRedden

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