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REUTERS: Nessine protesters clash with Colonial Enforcers

2297.06.02 USC


Anti-government protesters have clashed with Colonial Enforcers on the streets of Nessine after days of peaceful protest turns violent. There have been reported injuries on both sides, and after hours of violence the government has pulled back their enforcers to protect council buildings.

Protesters have been occupying the main square of Nessine for weeks since the controversial expansion of the Skyhook, which is still officially a UNE owned facility, has continued with the funding of the Nessine Colonial Council. Anti-UNE sentiment has been high since the withdrawal of their forces and support 2 years ago.

The protesters initially were protesting the funding of the Skyhook, but now weeks on, the mood has turned to democratic elections and official Nessine independence from the UNE. Many say that the withdrawal of the UNE is a sign that they’ve abandoned the region and that Nessine needs self-governing in order to survive on its own.


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